Monday 26 July 2021

Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War - John Jackson Miller

Title: The Enterprise War 
Author: John Jackson Miller
Published: 2019
Chronological Period: 2256 - 2257 (Prologue: 2236)

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"The Enterprise War" by John Jackson Miller is Star Trek Discovery novel that pretty much has nothing to do with the USS Discovery itself. It provides the reader with an insight into the Starship Enterprise was up to during the Klingon War that occurred during the show's first season. The Enterprise has been sent to a remote nebula where travel is difficult and various other ships have vanished without a trace over the years. Despite war breaking out with the Klingons, Starfleet order the Enterprise to remain and continue exploring the nebula. Before long the Enterprise soon discovers there is a multi-generational war ongoing within the nebula which may turn out to be more dangerous than the one Starfleet is keeping them out of.

This was a fun book that started pretty slowly but once you have read through the first 100 pages or so it picks up quickly. John Jackson Miller has a writing style which was easy to read, intricate and has pulled together and interesting plot which includes a good mix of action, mystery and character interaction. The characters are realistically portrayed with flaws and doubts clearly visible to the reader which made it all the more enthralling to see them push past these issues in order to do their duty.

Personally speaking, it was nice to get an explanation of where the Enterprise was during the Klingon War although to be honest I am not sure I believe that Starfleet would have left the Enterprise out there exploring the nebula. In addition, the climax of the novel also gives a nice segue into season 2 of Discovery and shows how Spock ends up in the state that gets him committed to the mental facility. 

Overall this is a great read for all Star Trek fans and it shows that Pike's time on the Enterprise provides a lot of scope for some potential entertaining and engaging stories. It has made me look forward to seeing the new "Strange New Worlds" TV series even more now and hopefully we will get novels released in the future which give us more Pike Enterprise stories in line with this.

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