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I am David King and I'm currently a Project Manager for an Engineering firm in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have loved Star Trek from a young age and have already embarked upon the mission of persuading my children that it is something she should also love.

Anyway, as with many people my love of Trek pushed me in the direction of Science and led me to obtain a Degree in Physics with Space Science & Technology although I can't say I use much these days but I suspect many graduates feel the same if they leave the comfort of academia.

I basically set up this blog because I found that a fair few people on my other blog An Eclectic Bookshelf were only there to read about by Star Trek Reading challenge and therefore decided that I may as well create a site that specifically covered it.

If you feel like chatting then feel free to post a comment on the blog or email me at killie81@hotmail.com. Otherwise feel free to get me via the various social media buttons below.

Also, I just want to share that my wife writes historical mystery and regency romance novels which whilst being completely different to Star Trek novels are still pretty good. If you are interested in finding out more then please check out her websites: Sarah L King & Sadie King

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