The Challenge

My Star Trek reading challenge started in October 2011 on my original book review blog An Eclectic Bookshelf. It was basically me finally giving into my geeky tendencies and deciding I wanted to read some Star Trek literature. But I didn't just want to pick some books and read them, I wanted some sort of plan and reading the books in Chronological order sounded as good a plan as any other.

It hasn't been that easy trying to get them in a decent order and I am sure some will turn out to be slightly wrong, or will be based on the story framing period rather than the story itself but I have done my best using multiple sources across the internet. Anthologies were a specific issue but what I did was fit them into the timeline based on the story set in the latest time period or a story that related to another novel. Anyway, for people who are interested I have put a reference number against books I wasn't sure about which details at the bottom of the book listing why I placed them in this position.

If a new book is released after I have already passed that overall time period I will read it at the first opportunity I have and fit it into the chronological list in the appropriate position.

In addition, I also plan to read various reference book and trek related non fiction literature which I will record here at the bottom of the list as purchase & read them.

I suspect that some of these books will be bad, some will be good, but it will be an adventure either way!

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