Friday 26 February 2021

Star Trek 10 - James Blish

Title: Star Trek 10
Author: James Blish
Published: 1974
Chronological Period: 2266 - 2268

“Star Trek 10” is the tenth collection of Star Trek Original Series episode novelizations written by James Blish. The six episodes included in this collection are cover all three seasons and are as follows:

The Alternative Factor (Season 1)
The Empath (Season 3)
The Galileo Seven (Season 1)
Is There in Truth No Beauty? (Season 3)
A Private Little War (Season 2)
The Omega Glory (Season 2)

As always with these novelizations, Blish has done a more than competent job in converting the episodes into this form but there isn’t really anything new or additional. This book contains stories from all three seasons and the quality of the stories drops of as the seasons progressed. Basically, if you have seen and enjoyed the relevant episode then you will more than likely enjoy the novelization included in this collection.

Overall, there isn’t much else for me to say except that if you have never seen the episodes before then the stories should still entertain you. However, there are a lot better Star Trek novels out there from the original series period so unless you are a completionist I wouldn’t bother. The only other people I could recommend this to are those who have seen and loved the episodes included here.

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