Tuesday 15 October 2019

Star Trek: Ghost-Walker - Barbara Hambly

Title: Ghost-Walker
Author: Barbara Hambly
Published: 1991
Chronological Period: 2268

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In "Ghost-Walker" by Barbara Hambly follows the crew of the Enterprise as they visit the planet Elcidar Beta III as the Federation look to ratify its inhabitants (Midgwins) as sentient beings. When Kirk returned from the planet having seemingly persuaded the Midgwins that they are there to help he begins to act in a strange manner. I can't say much more than this without giving away the story but you can be assured that you find out what is wrong with Kirk very quickly!

Whilst the writing itself was quite good, I just didn't like the plot at all and the twist about what is wrong with Kirk is actually revealed far too quickly. That in itself isn't always an issue with a novel but Hambly doesn't build any real tension out of it. The story just plods along for quite a while with the reader knowing what is wrong whilst the crew is unable to realise the issue. Simply put, I found it rather boring and would rather have discovered the truth at the same time as the crew.

Overall whilst Hambly is without doubt a decent writer and the plot does feel like something I have come to expect from Trek, I just didn't like the execution. I struggled to work through the book which didn't keep me entertained due to the pondering pace.

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